HGCNY participates in various native plant projects, working toward our Wild Ones mission to preserve biodiversity.

Wild for Monarchs

A monarch-friendly landscape
A monarch-friendly landscape is simply native nectar plants with the special ingredient monarchs need: milkweed!

Wild Ones is a partner in the Monarch Joint Venture and as part of the effort to conserve monarch butterflies has developed a Wild for Monarchs program.

HGCNY is Wild for Monarchs, too! Learn more about our monarch-related activities.

Bird-friendly Native Plants of the Year

A cedar waxwing enjoying a pagoda dogwood berry
A cedar waxwing enjoying a pagoda dogwood berry

Inspired by the North Carolina Audubon’s Bird-friendly Native Plants of the Year program, we’re working with the local Onondaga Audubon chapter to create a similar program here in CNY.

We started our first year’s list of “Birdy Dozen” plants in 2017 and also developed lists for 2018 and 2019 (to give nurseries time to propagate plants). After that, we’ll add one Birdy Dozen list each year, three years in advance. Learn more about our project and see our plant lists.

Discussion course

Discussion courseWe offer a FREE six-session discussion course for small groups (or even individuals).

Learn more about it and download the materials.