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Our mission

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Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes promotes environmentally sound landscaping practices to preserve biodiversity through the preservation, restoration and establishment of native plant communities.

What HGCNY does

We have monthly programs, most of which are free and open to the public. We also have an annual field trip and Show Me, Help Me tours in the summer.

And our annual plant sales help get native plants planted out there in CNY and, equally important, support the emerging local native plant nurseries, helping make native plants easier to obtain and the common sense default choice for home landscapes.

YOU can become a Wild One!

To support our Wild Ones mission, we encourage you to become an official member of Wild Ones. And when you’re a member of Wild Ones, you’re automatically a member of HGCNY!

It’s easy to join or to renew your membership. Just go to the Wild Ones website.

And when you become a Wild Ones member, you receive the national publication Wild Ones Journal.

What we do

We have monthly programs from September through April, except for December. They usually take place the last Sunday in the month at 2:00 pm at Liverpool Public Library.

Field trip walk
Learning about invasive plants on a field trip ©Janet Allen

Some programs (due to room conflicts or holidays) must be rescheduled, so please confirm the date of programs you’re planning to attend.

Here is our schedule for the current program year. You can see the wide range of topics we’ve covered over the years in our program archive. We’ve offered quite an education over the years!

Our FREE newsletter

Anyone, member or not, is welcome to sign up for our free newsletter. We’re an education-focused not-for-profit, and so we don’t sell your name or email address to anyone.

Field trips

Field trip
Field trip to a native plant restoration ©Janet Allen

We plan a field trip for May or June. We’ve visited many special places over the years.

We generally have expert tour guides so we learn more about the ecology of each of these places.

Show Me, Help Me tours

Show Me Help Me garden tour
Show Me Help Me garden tour ©Janet Allen

We organize Show Me Help Me yard tours during the summer.

Sometimes we visit home landscapes of fellow HGCNYers and sometimes we visit landscapes in the  community.

Native plant sales

Annual fall plant sale
Annual fall plant sale ©Janet Allen

Holding native plant sales is an important activity for HGCNY.

Our annual fall plant sale is in September, and we have a special pre-order plant sale in the spring, too.  For many years we focused on milkweeds, but we now also offer other native plants as part of our joint HGCNY-Onondaga Audubon Bird-friendly Plants project.

Spreading the word about native plants

Tabling ©Janet Allen

We’re often invited to participate in local events to talk with people about the importance of planting native plants.

Service projects

Removing garlic mustard
Removing garlic mustard ©Janet Allen

For many years, HGCNY has participated in an annual garlic mustard pull at Baltimore Woods Nature Center. We’re pleased to see that as the garlic mustard seedbank is exhausted, “our” area has fewer and fewer garlic mustard plants — and therefore, more and more of the native beauties, such as trillium, Baltimore Woods is famous for.

Help plan our events!

Rather than having a general business meeting, our officers and other interested Wild Ones members attend Planning Meetings in March, June, and September. Contact us if you’d like to be included.


HGCNY participates in various native plant projects, working toward our Wild Ones mission to preserve biodiversity.

Wild for Monarchs

Monarch Waystation
A monarch-friendly landscape is simply native nectar plants with the special ingredient monarchs need: milkweed! ©Janet Allen

Wild Ones is a partner in the Monarch Joint Venture and as part of the effort to conserve monarch butterflies has developed a Wild for Monarchs program.

HGCNY is Wild for Monarchs, too! Learn more about our monarch-related activities.

Bird-friendly Native Plants of the Year

Cedar waxwing on a pagoda dogwood
Cedar waxwing eating pagoda dogwood berries ©Janet Allen

Inspired by the North Carolina Audubon’s Bird-friendly Native Plants of the Year program, we’re working with the local Onondaga Audubon chapter to create a similar program here in CNY.

We started our first year’s list of “Birdy Dozen” plants in 2017 and have added new lists each year, three years in advance so nurseries have time to propagate the listed plants. Learn more about our project and see our plant lists.

Discussion course

Cover of course book
Cover of course book

We offer a FREE six-session, self-facilitated discussion course for small groups (or even individuals). The concepts apply to any region, so groups from any part of the country can use these materials.

Learn more about it and download the materials.


Wild Ones Journal
Wild Ones members receive this Journal

Learning about native plants and their benefits is what we’re all about.

The Wild Ones Journal is a national publication for official, dues-paying Wild Ones members. Not a member? It’s easy to join!

HGCNY, a chapter of Wild Ones, offers additional FREE resources to anyone, member or not:

And we highly recommend these books to learn more.